Outdoor Adventure Destinations in the World – Vacation Travel Ideas

Outdoor Adventure Destinations in the World – Vacation Travel Ideas

Most of us never lose that child’s desire for excitement and new experiences, but we come to believe that adventures are too expensive, too dangerous, or too physically demanding for us. As a consequence, we grow accustomed to comfort and safety, willing to get our thrills secondhand through screens. We become afraid to dare.

There are spectacular walk and hikes in almost every country in the world. The following locations are especially worth putting on your list.

1. Scottish Highlands

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This dramatic landscape contains ruined castles, enchanted lochs, great glens, and lonely moors. Best suited to moderately fit adults and teenagers, this route has plenty of camping sites, hostels, and B&Bs along the way.

2. The Canadian Rockies

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The river valleys among the towering granite peaks of two major mountain ranges are teeming with wildlife. Walkers are sure to see elk, bighorn sheep, and deer, with bear and moose sightings probable. Campsites are available in the public parks but fill up quickly in the short season when walking is possible. For most, a guided tour is the best option.

3. Patagonia

This landscape of snow-capped Andes Mountains, lush forests, and brilliant glaciers is in the southern region of Argentina. According to Fodor’s Travel, few places on earth can “match Patagonia for its diversity of scenery.”

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4. Dana to Petra, Jordan

This trek through the rock-strewn desert of Jordan encompasses 5 to 6 hours of daily walking over mostly flat ground, with occasional ascents and descents of 0.5 to 1.0 miles. Most nights are spent in tents or sleeping under the stars, eating delicious native meals prepared by the trek crew. The payoff is a day in Petra, a World Heritage site with tombs and temples cut into the red sandstone mountain.

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Cycling & Mountain Biking

Bike tours are classified by activity level, ranging from 1 (a distance of 8 to 22 miles over two to three hours with grades up to 1,000 feet) to 4 (48 to 70 miles over five to seven hours, with elevation changes up to 4,400 feet). Most tours provide electric-assisted vehicles for those who are less fit. Tours also offer catered meals and comfortable rest stops.

Mountain biking requires riding off-road, usually over rough terrains on specially designed bikes. Trips often include steep descents and rugged climbs. While some companies offer tours for beginners, most cater to experienced mountain bikers.

There are popular biking routes in most countries, including:

5. Moab, Utah

Trails named Slickrock, Porcupine Rim, and Klondike Bluff attract mountain bikers from around the world to this city amid America’s most scenic parks. Take a different path each day and return to the town for comfortable lodging and fine dining.

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6. Loire Valley, France

A favorite biking area for families, this area offers beautiful chateaus, castles, and the country’s most prestigious vineyards. Tours are available around a central town or from one location to another. Most trips are considered “easy,” and e-bikes are usually available.

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